Our Home Movement

This website, currently most of it in Hebrew, is dedicated to a movement, created by the citizens, that has emerged in response to the extreme social-medical-systemic changes induced by the Israeli government similar to what is happening in other countries around the world. We are facing an aggressive attempt to impose tyrannical rules that surround the alleged "medical crisis” which are clearly meant to heavily control people's ways of living, people's freedom, and people's autonomy.

The purpose of the Our Home Movement is to empower civilians to take full responsibility for their fate and reclaim their natural sovereignty. We believe that the most crucial part of restoring people's power is to help them form strong communities based on the values of love, freedom, and compassion. The more people get together, the less the government can impose irrational rules upon them. The more people form strong and welcoming communities, the sooner they can create their own ways of fulfilling their needs and of developing without any dependency on the authorities who seek to restrict their freedom and their independence.

Our first project here in Israel has been the establishment of the "Home Womb" network. These are local communities that work according to a few basic principles that help them create a unique atmosphere of attention to each other, containment of various opinions, support, emotional safety, compassion, and acceptance. This network has grown pretty rapidly and nowadays approaches 30 communities around Israel and counting.
One of the most important values that make these communities helpful is their ability to create a strong sense of belongingness and in a way, a "new family" at the same time when systems around us collapse and fail to serve citizens as they are supposed to.

Our second initiative is what we call "At Home Happening" which is a weekly event in which people meet out in nature, eat together food which they brought from home to share, have time to get to know each other without pressure or fear, and form new contacts and friends. These Picnics have expanded into events that also involve holistic therapies, workshops, and a goods market where people sell their unique works to each other. These Picnics are a great place to get healthy nurturance, both physically, emotionally, and socially.

Besides these projects, this website also highlights other initiatives as well as prominent figures that contribute to the people in Israel in their fight for their basic human rights and for their innate privilege to live their lives the way they choose to.

In the near future, an international site for Our Home Movement will be created to spread this human development and to promote a healthy way of life globally. In the meantime, if you wish to implement our above-mentioned projects at your home, city, or town, contact us and we would be very happy to assist in any way possible. 

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